February 01, 2010

No Bounds

As the wolf rise's from the ether ground.
Never knowing where he be bound,
Flighty and free for all to see,
Loyal and wise he'll forever be,
Those amber eyes of passion, now alight,
Burning like hot coals in the night,
Filled with compassion and trust,
The art of survival would be a must

A shame now his vessel is long gone,
His memory and spirit free to live on,
He remember's the days where hunger was livid,
Where life to live was ever so vivid
Where fun was granted in the passing day
Where he could do it all his own way
Somethings he knows now do not alter
His love for live he cannot falter

Free to share his wisdom of the passing age
To those who'll listen and turn the page
Free to steer the young and the old
The warriors who are growing bold
The singer's in the wild of night
By the dancing fires growing light
And soon his song be sung gentle and clear
Sharing the knowledge of nothing to fear

No bounds to which will keep him down
For he is free and will not frown
His love to share is known to all
His strength will aid you if you fall
He will lead you to your path this day
Follow him upon your way
No bounds to which will cloud his vision
Clarity is clear and so is life's mission

Jennifer Don ©

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