March 03, 2009

Oooh I see a Dragon

This next poem to some sounds more like a short rap. I Was elsewhere when this came to me out of the blue, so wonders was spirit there giving me the inspirational push that I had so been looking for. Well they must have because it was after 12pm at night when it came to me lol.
And it's dedicated to one fine dragon indeed :)

Oooh I see a Dragon

A dragon who ain't dragging
And wonders is she lagging
Really oh my a dragon
Typing a story not lagging

Of elegant strength and fiery breath
Does thou dragon rest on earth
Does thou dragon stop next berth
Placing all feet on the hearth

Not resting to catch some air
That dragon does not dare
For something inside may flair
Crafty arts all laid on table bare

Working for the good in life
Some worries even some strife
But hastens not and lives her life
Loves on giving no edge of the knife

Jennifer Don (c)

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