February 22, 2009

Finding Me

Finding Me!

I look up to the sky and see
Beyond the stars a universe there for you and me
All the while the light of the moon shinning down on me
Feeling a pull and a desire to be free

To discover they facts behind what makes me ..... well me
Not an easy task for me as you can probably see
But I'm one step nearer to where I want to be
Not contented with me finding me

Spirit have decided there is more yet for me to see
Showing me visionary symbols what meanings can there be
Why choose me when I long to be free
They have their reasons I guess for now I just cant see

Now searching through books and the net to see
If i can make sense of what they are showing me
It must be something of importance for me to also share with thee
If i miss something then its shown to me again till I see

In my mind I still yearn to be free
But without spirit at a loss I will be
They have shown me, guided me to what makes me ..me
I know now that working with spirit is helping me find me.

Jennifer Don (c)

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