February 10, 2009

A Lesson to be learnt

This poem has come about from something that has been shown to me. So many questions did i ask my self such as why me and why now. I was given my answers but i still question it lol. But isn't that the nature of humanity to question what is placed before us when we are not sure as to what or why. Curiosity can get the better of us and again this is another lesson of life to be learnt.

A Lesson to be Learnt.

Standing in a passage aligned by burning torches
My guide who is always with me stands and watches
Reassuring me that I can move onward
Nothing to be feared as I glance forward
Walking ahead towards the doors before me
Wondering what is there ahead for me to see

As the doors open inward to a large chamber.
Is this symbolic to the mind and something to remember
Many doors leading to other places from here
Again more reassurance of nothing to fear.
Curiosity now ravaging within
Burning questions I know now I wont give in

Every thing's so new yet so old, so much history
But why ? why me ? and why now? why all this mystery?
So many questions but its lessons of trust
Oh that trust such a big thing and a must.
I have to trust what I am being given
Or else its doubt flaring within.

I am not alone here but in comfort and not in fright.
So many objects within my sight
So many different things to see
I believe in a lesson there for me.
Time will show me what I need and when
Tempted now to learn and I'm sure I will again.

Jennifer Don (c)

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