February 18, 2009

Rainbow Of Life

I have no idea where this one came from, I started writing and then got the title and then carried on writing lol. But for me it says a lot , thoughts feelings everything really.

Rainbow Of Life

When your feeling down, with a face full of frown
Where do you look when in need of some cheer,
Do you look up and down or even to a clown
One place where it wont come from a glass full of beer

Do you look to a book or sit down by the brook
Do you gaze to the sky and see
Just over the clouds and to your left take a look
Can you see the Rainbow of life for you and me

The healing colours to uplift your heart
The red of life and intuition so go with your fashion
The red of courage , please let this injustice part
Stick with the joy and keep that burning passion

The yellow of summer so inspiring and warm
A friendship for life so full of grace
A new beginning of wonder be born
Enjoying the change of open thought in space

Tender pink of our confidence be
Believe in your happiness and grateful admiration
Share your love outwards to you and me
Release those negative thoughts and tension

The green green grass of home so sweet of tender life
Healing at its best and Nature humming all around
Give us our full potential and allow our souls to loose the strife
Our tender body's and gaze taking in our surround

Burning glow of the orange sunset of mercy
Leading us homeward to warmth and compassion
Allow us the growth of awareness with no controversy
Our fundamental gift of love not shared as if were part of fashion

The spiritual essence of purple aglow with fulfilment
Gazing to our challenges and working on our goals
Learning our limits our inversion of values and contentment
Learning how happy we truly are from the tails of our soul

Reveal to us the relevance in what we do and our inner truth
The serene calmness the blue surrounds us contained within
Through wisdom and peace we learn whats true yet ask for proof
Questioning our paths and choices rather than letting all sink in

The Rainbow of life and lessons told
Its now to you and your thoughts moving forward
A single soul in a universe of many its time to be bold
Muster your resources and pace yourself onward

Jennifer Don (c)

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