February 10, 2009

Onward ever Forward.

This following poem is well, a gateway to my soul in a sense, umm well funny i don't really know what to put other than when you turn everything off at night even for just 10 minutes and just chill in that space allow the time to pass on by and focus on the relaxing breathes and you may be surprised as to what happens next.

Onward ever Forward

Laying awake in the mid of night.
Shadows cast by the glowing street light.
The gentle humming.
Of nature turning.

A shadow moves on my right.
A glimpse of sight or trick of the light.
Imaginations running wild.
Sometimes like the basic thoughts of a child.

Oh never mind all is still again and so restful.
Relaxing as I lay there everythings so peaceful.
I do not fear what I can not see.
I have my thoughts that leave me be.

I have my connections and know of a presence.
They have been a while now a feeling of renaissance.
A new lesson being learnt within my soul
New targets, aims and all new goals

My mind frame set and ready to receive
Praying all is well and for nothing to deceive
Growing inward and spiritually forward.
I cast out out doubt and allow myself to move onward

Jennifer Don (c)

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