December 04, 2010

Winter's Crusade

As the dark clouds come rolling in over the sea
The waves rush to the shore for all to see
The night draws deeper as the sun does fade
The clouds march on in parade

All is quiet now upon the land
Life is still where it does stand
Waiting, abiding time for the coming storm to pass
Watchful eyes peering out, like a picture in stained glass

Clambering into the warmth to elude the winter’s night
Flurrying flakes begin to fall, such a delightful sight
Only to be trampled by the echoes of thunder drawing near
Thunder snow, combined as one loud and clear

Roaring trembles fill the sky tonight
As the snow persists caught by street light
Gentle the snow may be as it does fall
It cannot match that echoing call

Alas, the wind has come to join the game
Kicking up a fuss, its efforts not in vain
Such power and beauty fills the land and sky
No birds now, daring to fly

As the wind spreads the flurries of snow
Further and further they do go
Pulling in the mighty sound
Soon to be above and all around

Still eyes gaze from those sheltered places
Flickering candles catch those faces
Watching, waiting for the thunder snow to fade
Knowing only that this, is the first of winter’s Crusade

Jennifer Don © 2010

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