December 10, 2010


The tightening grip of restraints,
Are the chains that strangulate life,
And the closing down of the gates,
Is like the blade of a double edged knife,

Sharply intrusive as they take hold,
The rules to break a healthy spirit,
Never now can one be so bold,
Through the fear of a tormented forfeit,

Never now can one stand so free to fight,
Or face the walk of a road so worn,
Cast forever in shadows like the dark of night,
Where even the strongest of hearts can be torn,

It takes not courage to make it through,
To break the vice that closes in,
To stand for life that they see to be true,
And so the fighting spirit does not give in.

Shackled to a darkened world of fear
Where hope seems lost like the sun at night
Enough in-distinction to cast a silent tear
Until one stands to fight for what is right

Jennifer Don © 2010

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