December 04, 2010

Shadow Of Night

I heard a voice, calling out to me,
Who is there I asked aloud,
Again it came calling out to me,
Soft and gentle, a tender voice, not loud.

I could hear the gentle sobbing,
The words upon the air, they keep coming,
A sudden feeling, that I am falling,
As the voice, keeps on calling.

Calling out to me, in the cold of night,
I know not of whom this voice does belong,
I beckon onwards asking with no one in sight,
Wondering why the sobbing does prolong,

Wondering who it is, that keeps on calling to me
The now whispered voice, weary from the sobbing
Calls once more, and still I don't see
Or understand where from the voice keeps calling

Then a movement catches the corner of my eye
Can it be, a shadow of the night calling to me
I hear now a slow exasperating sigh
I'm left wondering could it really be.

That the shadow of night is in fact, not a shadow after all
Could it be a spirit, waiting and of the light
Only now to hear the words: Fly don't fall
And so the voice now fades in the cold of night

Jennifer Don © 2010

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