December 07, 2010

Ice Be Gone

Slipping and sliding on the ice
No grounding under foot
The landscape is beautiful, so nice
But I’d like to give the ice a boot

Send it packing on its way
The sooner it melts the better for all
But it's here to stay today
Just pray no-one has a fall

The snow once fallen didn't last
The rain it came and washed it away
The night drew in and froze it fast
And so we slip and slide today

Left to wonder how long it will persist
The cold snap before winter does come
So much we wish we could resist
Praying for the warmth of the golden sun

It then comes to one united saying
United upon the cry of Ice be gone
Waiting for the stage of thawing
Waiting for the sing of spring and its song

Jennifer Don © 2010

1 comment:

  1. Nice one, Jen, and I agree. Grrr and bah humbug at ice! lol