November 28, 2010

Winter's Here

Stepping out, on that frosty winters morning,
To a blanket of white across the ground,
To hear the birds in the tree's singing away,
Listening as those songs echo all around

Like a dragon, I breathe out smoke,
As the warm air hits the cold,
Crunching forwards, stepping through the snow,
Winter really has taken it's hold,

Winter's here now before Autumn's gone,
Yet still shards of golden sun make it through,
Shedding light on all it does reach,
A warming touch on a cold day, to whatever you do

The leaves ,they still fall in places,
Still blowing in the wind until scattered,
As the tree's take the winter hit,
Looking worn and very battered.

Something however this morning is different,
There's a glow across the land,
A defiant touch fills the heart,
Like the warmth of a tender hand,

The snow, cold as it may be,
Seems to give off a warmth today,
Knowing only inside,
That festive tidings are on it's way.

Jennifer Don © 2010

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