November 25, 2010

Four Directions

Four sat round the fires in the night,
Each one a representation of the Light,
Each a direction and element,
Each with a purpose and attachment..

Together they encircle those flames,
Together chasing anyway all the pain
Sharing laughter long into the night
Whilst sitting by the warmth of fire's light

One the representative of the Wind,
A voice that's carried beyond the mind,
Gentle and fair, courageous and strong,
Listen for words upon winds song

One the representative of the Earth, all that's one,
The voice that cares to have things done,
That yearns always to heal from the past,
Hoping that things really will last

One the representative of water,
The emotion is pure, not a doubter,
The voice of all that's soothing,
Always going always doing.

The last is but the representative of Fire,
The one that knows the inner desire,
Where flames will burn away the old,
And make room for new things to hold

And so they combine to share the flow
Easing each other as they do go
Sharing and assisting by the fire in the night
Under the dazzling distant star light

Jennifer Don © 2010

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