November 22, 2010


Kindred hearts, they call to me
Like the drums, that set me free
Kindred souls, what can they be?
A source I know, that I can’t see

Under the surface, behind the door
They go searching, wanting more
Kindred hearts of the night arise
Staying united, even through sunrise

Kindred spirits, always free
Even if it’s you or me
But kindred souls, what can they be?
If a soul is but you and me

Together, connected through all time
Never moving along the same line
And so kindred souls, what can you be?
If we are one and this is true

And so the drums, they call to me once more
Each freeing beat, rising from the floor
As kindred hearts, it calls to me
But kindred souls, what can they be?

Jennifer Don © 2010

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