September 13, 2010


Give me a sound proof room to scream and shout.
Where no-one can hear as I let it out.
Like an over flowing river it may run.
For it then to dry under the days warm sun.

I'd rather run with the wolves so free.
To be one with the earth my spirit free.
Sheltering from the Storm that ravages the land.
With the smallest of hope someone may understand.

That even inside a storm can and perhaps will grow.
That there is only a few ways to let it go.
It is there that the mind remains it's best.
No matter how strenuous the test.

How alive the eyes reveal the inner soul.
Even when struggling to reach that goal.
How alert it becomes when a new road comes along.
With the key to the heart sings a new song.

With a new path comes a new challenge, a new day.
A new outlook on life, a brand new way.
Still the storm bides it's time inside.
No where to run, with no place to hide.

What's left to do but stand and fight
Face the storm even if it takes all night
Even if it means a head on collision
At least then I may see with clear vision

Jennifer Don 2010

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