September 20, 2010


Alone we may say, we may be,
But in truth and total honesty,
We are far from the divides in sight,
We are one, you and I, together in the light.

Upon the beaten path, or ragged road.
Within our hearts, we are one hear the code...
Lift the eyes of truth and light,
See beyond the edge in the dark of night.

See beyond the void that fills the eye,
See above to the stars that fill the sky,
Alone you say, not ever, not tonight,
I'll stand with you, whether by you or out of sight.

Alone, not ever shall you be,
I am with you, and you with me
We stand Alone, together, as one.
Through each day our battles shall be won.

Jennifer Don © 2010

Currahee - * We Stand Alone, Together! *

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