September 10, 2010


We know it's past,but our thoughts are there,
With silent, whispered prayers.
To those that have gone we hear your song,
To those that remain your not always strong,
Yet our love for you shines like the sun.
As you carry on getting things done
As we remember the event's of that very day
Not knowing really what to say
Watching as it unfolded, seeing it over and over again
Knowing inside those that remain will never be the same

Touched each day by that very pain
Of seeing it happen in the news all over again
The events of that fateful day on September 11th 2001
When the very Earth stopped to grieve as one
For the loss of it's son's and daughters
Our very brothers and sisters
Defiant to those that caused such pain
Standing in unity even in the rain
To the victims of this very day
What is there, that we can say

Jennifer Don 2010

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