September 20, 2010

The Canvas

There's a Canvas, waiting for your Art,
Waiting for the words to flow from your heart,
Waiting for the picture to be painted tonight,
Eager to share the magic of a shining light

No longer left blank as the magic does flow,
Pictures to carry no matter where you go,
Release the rivers that run within,
Let your canvas fill right to the brim

Carry the torch that burns with passion
Kept alive and free, not under ration
Let it shine with no hesitation
Share your art with every nation

The torch of life is alive inside
It's time to share, no reason to hide
Shine your fire, and watch the magic dance
Fill that canvas, now is your chance

The canvas awaits the desire to create
The creation of magic, it does await
Come alive the pictures will tonight
Shrouded in that creative light

Jennifer Don © 2010

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