September 20, 2010

New Light

It's the first day, in a new light,
I can hear the dawning drums outside,
It's a new way and a new sight,
There's a reason, not to hide,

Oh the pulsing vibrations ringing deep within,
They are rising, as the heart sings,
Can you hear the sound within.
Can you feel what this new day brings.

Can you hold your head up high,
Can you see the door in front of you,
The people aimlessly passing you by,
Can you feel what's meant for you.

It's the first day, In a new light
It's the first of many you see
Open the eyes to such a sight
Let it all go, come on be free

Open the doors, let it all out
Like a river flowing out to sea
As we see what it's all about
You've let it go, now your free

Jennifer Don © 2010

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