June 30, 2010

Like A Flower

Watch how the flower grows.
Bending and waving as the wind blows
Rising from the ground to reach the light
To cast out it's petals and shine so bright

Sharp and clear we see those colours of the rainbow
Within the fields, upon the hills wherever they choose to grow
Such might and strength from something so delicate.
A reminder of hope, something we can replicate.

Fear not the shadows that fall in the night
Reach on out for the light that's warm and so bright.
Unfold your arms and welcome love to come in
Stretch like the petals and show your true colours from within

Open your heart, and open your soul.
Reach for new heights, your targets your goal.
Be like a flower standing, being strong.
An echo within sings our joyful song.

We are as we are and so we are.
No shadows or rain will stop us going far.
We have what we have and reach for more.
And so we stand to open that new door.

We are the flowers of humanity and hope.
We dig our root's deep, tied like rope.
Our outstretched petals reaching for the sun.
Knowing that some day we will have won.

We are the flowers upon the green grass so free.
We are humanity of which we can see.
As we all unite to reach for the sun.
We are many but we are one

Jennifer Don © 2010

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