May 05, 2010

That Moment

Lounging at the beach today..
Listening as the world goes by..
Watching the waves as they rock in that stormy way,
Watching as the birds swoop and fly so high....

Hearing the calls they cry as the sea does roar
Watching as the waves rise and fall
As it sways back and forth towards the shore
In and out with each a sudden swell

Churning up what may have been left before
While life below the surface carry's on regardless
As the drift wood drifts to land upon the shore
While seaweed is tossed around to land and make a mess

So as I sit here in the moment on this day
I contemplate the wonders of the world and what I see
With the waves so wild and calming in there own way
Knowing that the ocean, the waves will always be free

And if perhaps for a moment or two
We take on board some of the power from the sea
To create our currents to move us in what we do
Then perhaps even we can be for that moment free

Jennifer Don © 2010

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