January 31, 2010

Wolf So White

As the twisted world around me
Now shudders in the deepening night
A cry so eerie emanates from the woodland so free
Draped in magic and mystery of the moonlight

The echo of that cry rippling through my veins
Sending out a wave of comfort a sense of nothing to fear
Then all goes quite and is now still again
I gaze out to the valley before me lit up so clear

A moment of silence to put order to confusion
Now shattered as a twig snaps over to my right
I glance over to see two eye's of amber infusion
I do not fear those eye's lit up by moonlight

Within those eyes is peace and wisdom so pure and free
With my eyes now adjusting on this eerie calm night
My vision extends beyond those eyes a wolf I see
A wolf who stand's sharp and is ever so white

Does not growl or give cause to show fear
Looking in those eyes I see the soul so misunderstood
One of power and compassion for now it's so clear
To reach out with the mind and look under the hood

So magnificent and proud he stands under the light
Allowing me to approach him so close now I stand
He comes forward his head under my hand in the night
His coat so soft and smooth a comfort to the palm of my hand

Now filled with warmth and peace inside
My worries now gone, the way made clear tonight
That white wolf to my side he now resides
He's been there always, only now he's so clear in light

Jennifer Don (c)

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