January 31, 2010


Transform your focus, your criteria, your desire
Like the phoenix be reborn from the fire
Come alive in the morning with passion new
While the rivers run sending energy to you

Come now shed that shell in which you hide
Come now awaken the power within you, it does reside
Flighty and free ready to start over again
Where you will take control now take the reigns

Up from the ashes of the past you rise
A new beginning filled with many a surprise
Casting aside the old making way for the new
A positive ground for you to stand and admire the view

Changing aspects within your awareness, arise this dawn
New life and passion comes to you in morning song
Spread your new wings of flight, lets soar to a new height
Freedom in your eyes your spirit now has reason to fight

From the fire of which you're reborn in shining light
Comes the strength that stays forever growing by moonlight
Giving you courage to take your next step on your way
On this the first step forward on your brand new day

Jennifer Don ©

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