January 15, 2010

The Warrior

As the crackling fire burns before the warrior in the night
He remembers those now gone on to the light
Nursing his wounds, whilst others mourn and cry
When the pain is strong he wonders why

Why was his people victims of hate
Was there any need to debate
Why couldn't they share land and be one
As he sheds a single tear he mutters " surely It can be done"

He then stands and a soft chant emanates outwards
Head to the sky he cry's " Great spirit carry us forwards"
"Let us not suffer in such pain let us be proud"
"For those who stood with us we will be proud"

"Watch over them as they come now to join you"
"Let us see the way forward that is true"
Feeling weak from his own wounds he sits again
For his strength and muster he soon will regain

The camp behind the warrior fades into silence
Yet he remains to listen to the growing silence
By the warmth of the glowing embers he stays
For his land and people they're safety he prays

Jennifer Don (c)

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